Charles Barkley rips congressional candidate Roy Moore, calls him a ‘white separatist’

Barkley, an Alabama native, was asked about the congressional candidate earlier this weekend.

Speaking to a small group of reporters before Saturday’s Alabama-Auburn football game, Barkley referred to Bannon, the former White House strategist and leader of Breitbart News, as a “white separatist.”

“Roy Moore is running with Steve Bannon as his right-hand man, who is a white separatist,” Barkley said. “I’m not even going to get into the women stuff. But the guy — how can you be a white separatist and represent all the constituents in your state? I mean, everybody is going crazy over this sexual allegations, but Roy Moore, to me, when he brought in Steve Bannon, should have been disqualified.”

Charles BARKLEY (Alabama native) on Roy Moore–> “How can you be a white separatist and represent all the constituents of your state?…Roy Moore is running with Steve Bannon as his right hand…If I lived here, I’d vote for Doug Jones.”

Bannon has repeatedly defended Moore, who has been accused of making sexual advances toward teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Earlier this month, he described the allegations against Moore, the Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama’s special election next month, as “an orchestrated hit from the Uniparty.”

Barkley, who is also an NBA analyst for TNT, grew up outside Birmingham, Alabama and played basketball at Auburn. He appeared as a guest picker on ESPN’s College Gameday before the Tigers’ 26-14 win over Alabama, and a statue of him was unveiled at Auburn on Saturday.

The outspoken 54-year-old was also asked about Moore’s Democratic opposition, Doug Jones. While explaining that he doesn’t know much about Jones, Barkley said, “If I lived here, I would vote for Doug Jones.”

“It has nothing to do about being Republican or Democrat. It’s about doing the right thing,” Barkley said. “You can’t have a guy running for political office who is a white separatist. Plain and simple. I don’t even understand why — it has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican or a liberal or a conservative. The guy has a guy running with him who’s a white separatist. That’s immoral and wrong.”

The Montgomery Advertiser contributed to this report.

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