How do you link the world’s blockchains? With another blockchain

Thousands of blockchain projects have failed because different blockchains can’t share data – now the makers of a meta-blockchain think they can restart the blockchain revolution

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THE blockchain revolution is struggling. The much-vaunted technology behind bitcoin promises to enable trusted transactions without intermediaries, so why have the overwhelming majority of new blockchain projects failed? One problem is that there is no longer a single blockchain: the past few years have seen an explosion of different proprietary versions.

Now a London start-up is adding yet another to the pile – but unlike its predecessors, this one is meant to connect them all. The creators of this meta-blockchain think it could restart the blockchain revolution.

Over the past few years, groups from governments to supermarkets have tried to make good on the promise of the blockchain. A real estate start-up recently completed the first home purchase on the blockchain and US supermarket Walmart is beginning to use it to verify the provenance of its groceries.

However, the different